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I am going to let you in on a little secret that can save you thousands. For most companies advertising, marketing and promotion do not work.

Many companies have tried to boost their sales by increasing the amount of money they spend on advertising, marketing and promotion. The reality of it is, less is more.

Companies need to spend less and get more results and sales. This article will give you 10 tips about how to do this.

1) It does not matter how good your advertising, marketing or promotion is, if the audience does not have any money to afford your product or service they will not make a purchase.

2) Do not be misled by the numbers. Millions of people is way too many for most companies to market too.

3) A well placed marketing message that is relevant to your targeted consumer can be profitable if only a few thousand see it.

4) Your promotion should be near to your business and near to where your consumer eats, lives or work otherwise they will purchase from the competition.

5) If the consumer sees more than 8 advertisements at the same time your advertisement really is lost.

It does not have to be all bad news. There are ways to properly make your advertising, marketing and promotion drive consumers to your business and boost sales.

1) Your advertising, marketing and promotion should be exceptionally close to the consumer, so they can quickly pop in to make a purchase or feel comfortable about making a purchase with a nearby business.

2) Focus on your local target market. 55 years old and an income of $90K for an example is not good enough. Social clubs as an example can give you an extra narrow focus to make your message more meaningful.

3) Adding more than one similar social club simply magnifies the power of your message. Your consumer will begin to see you a number times and this is very powerful.

4) Exposure is key to a great message being displayed. Consider exposure as a unit of time. It is preferable if your message is seen for long periods of time by each consumer. Anything under 10 minutes of exposure for a single consumer is risky and the results will probably resemble the poor results that most other companies experience.

5) Lastly advertising, marketing and promotion need to have long term staying power. The consumer needs to see your product or service when they need it most. Not when you need sales the most.

For successful advertising, marketing and promotion use the above 10 tips to create a campaign that will line your pockets with big time profits.