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How do you know if you are getting the best results from cosmetic surgery marketing? You can try to make sense of the 30-page Google analytic reports.

You can have your receptionist keep a tally of her calls and where they came from. But is that enough? And, is that accurate?

Here are better strategies to track your cosmetic surgery marketing results:

Phone Tracking Numbers

One way to know if you are getting the best results from cosmetic surgery marketing is to use phone tracking numbers.

Use a reputable service that assigns special phone numbers to you that you add to your Website, print ads, radio ads, billboards, etc. Now, every time a prospective patient calls you from that phone number, it will be automatically tracked by your phone vendor.

You should have access to your phone vendor’s software so you can go in at any time and see how many calls have come in on each tracking number. You should also get lots more data such as: the number they called from, maybe their name and day and time they called.

And, you can even have those calls recorded and listened to so you know exactly who called, what they wanted as well as the outcome of the call.

Run Revenue Reports

Another great way to know if you are getting the best results from cosmetic surgery marketing is to run a report called, “Revenues by Referral Source”. Because the number of people who responded to your ads is not as important as the amount of hard-dollar revenues your marketing efforts returned to you.

For example, you may live in a town that still has a glossy magazine that costs you $2,000 for a full page ad and you get back at least five responses every month. That doesn’t sound great until you realize of those five responses, two come in for a non-surgical treatment for $500 each and you always get at least one surgery averaging $8,000.

That means you spent $2,000 and got back $9,000 and that is a 450% return on your investment. Nice. Then you do the same calculations for each of your marketing efforts.

Those that have the highest return on investment continue and those that have break even or lower returns need to be tweaked or dropped.


Tracking your marketing costs compared to your response is the sure fire way to know if are you getting the best results from cosmetic surgery marketing. And, frankly, if you can’t track your results easily then don’t use that strategy. There is plenty of technology available today that can tell you if you are spending smart or wasting your money.