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buy bitcoin with PayPal

With the advancement in technology, many tangible things have been moved online, one of the most important is a cryptocurrency which is a form of digital currency using decentralized technology. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in circulation but Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency. The process of buying and trading cryptocurrencies can be difficult, especially for people who are unfamiliar with the sector. Even though there are numerous cryptocurrency exchanges, not all of them accept the same payment options.

Also, if you want to buy bitcoin with PayPal only a few limited platforms provide this facility to users making it difficult for traders to buy and sell in their convenient form of method. But don’t worry, Bitpapa is a peer-to-peer trading platform that accepts 100 different payment methods including PayPal.

Bitpapa accepts more than 100 different payment options

Bitpapa is a user-friendly and reliable platform that offers multiple payment options, including the ability to buy and sell bitcoin with PayPal. This makes it a convenient and accessible platform for traders looking to enter the world of cryptocurrency trading. Customers can choose from a variety of payment methods, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, mobile payments, and cryptocurrency payments, to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies. Users can select the payment option that best meets their needs and preferences because of the variety of payment alternatives available.

All transactions on that platform take place directly between users in a peer-to-peer marketplace. Without the involvement of a third party, you can purchase or trade cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins, and others.

Other facilities of bitpapa


  • Competitive Fees: Bitpapa charges reasonable fees when buying and selling cryptocurrency. Users can more easily estimate the cost of their transactions because of the platform’s straightforward and understandable pricing.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: It has a customer-first approach and is dedicated to providing them with the best experience.
  • Safe and secured wallet: It guarantees you provide a secure and safe way to store, send and receive different cryptocurrencies over the platform.
  • Secured trading: All transactions are secured with a dedicated escrow account to ensure the safety of each trade.
  • Telegram bot: With a user-friendly interface designed exclusively for quick and secure deals, Bitpapa BOT offers the complete package.

How to start trading on Bitpapa


  • Create an account: First, you have to create an account on the platform by registering for it.
  • Buy cryptocurrency: Once you have logged in, go to the Buy section, input the desired amount, and select your preferred currency and payment method. Simply browse through the list of offers, select the one that meets your needs, and then buy it.
  • Accept the seller’s offer: If the terms proposed by the seller are acceptable to you, input the amount you wish to purchase and click on the “Send a trade request” button. Once the request is sent, the seller’s specified amount of cryptocurrency will be transferred from their balance to an escrow account.
  • Complete the payment: Make a money transfer according to the instructions provided by the seller and finish the trade.
  • Get the cryptocurrency in your wallet: After that, the seller will confirm the payment and release the amount into your Bitpapa wallet which will be immediately available for any operation.