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This article is about a daily occurrence that has a serious bearing on health and productivity of Home Based Business Owners. I’m talking about Anxiety!

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is feeling Stressed and Worried about the potential outcome of an enterprise or situation. Anxiety can actually be a good thing except when it persists for a long period of time when it can lead to serious health problems.

From the beginning of time, Homo Sapiens (Man) has always been anxious about life situations. In primitive times, anxiety may surface when the man/ woman encounters danger from a wild animal. Anxiety will motivate him/ her to either flee, fight or take whatever action is necessary

But in our world today, anxiety manifests in different ways; In daily living like when a student is preparing for a Test or when someone is preparing to launch a private enterprise.

Anxiety actually motivates us to handle and take appropriate actions when necessary except when it becomes a regular aspect of one’s life. This is when it becomes dangerous.

Anxiety Before A Home Based Business Launch

When you’re preparing to launch your Home Based Business, the main things that might cause you to be anxious are as follows:

You worry whether the Launch will be a success

You worry if your finances will be enough to cover the Launching.

You may also worry if all your important invited guests will show up to support you.

Moving forward, the start-up Launch is successful and you now enter the next stage.

Anxiety After The Successful Launch Of Your Home Business

You may worry whether your business will grow

You may worry whether your business will attract the right Customers

You may also worry whether your products/services will be well received by the public

You may also worry if you’ll have enough funds to grow the business if it’s successful, bearing in mind that lack of funds has led to the collapse of many Home Based Businesses.

You may also worry if government may come up with any policies that might affect your business negatively.

Advantages Of Anxiety

A bit of Anxiety is good for everyday living. It motivates you to take necessary actions at certain times to improve your life situation, For instance, anxiety will help you prepare for a test properly. Anxiety will help you make very good arrangements to ensure a successful Star-up Launch.

Disadvantages of Anxiety

When Anxiety becomes a daily feature of one’s lifestyle, when it persists for long period of time, it becomes dangerous.

Anxiety can affect your work and even relationships adversely if not well- managed. In extreme cases, it can lead to serious health problems.

How To Cope With Anxiety

There are many different ways to cope with anxiety. They’re listed as follows:

Try and ensure that you eat a well – balanced diet rich in Fruits and Vegetables.

Take regular time out to recreate

Do not indulge in excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption

Ensure that you have enough sleep. Six to Eight hours of sleep is enough.

Engage in regular exercise of at least 30 minutes each day. This will make you feel good

From time to time, manage your breathing. Take a deep breath and slowly breathe out.

Wrapping Up

As I’ve said earlier, Anxiety is a part of daily life. Do not allow it to get out of control. Take the actions mentioned above to stay in control.

However, if it gets too serious, consult your Physician.

Are you a Victim of Anxiety? Do you know someone who is?

Please feel free to send in your thoughts.

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