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Since home based businesses are suppose to change your life, and bring more happiness due to each person having more control over their own life, my first criteria to judge the value of a good home based business will be, what do you have a passion for?

If your home based business is going to bring you happiness and a sense of self actualization then you should have a real passion for the product your business is providing. For example, do you have a passion for fitness, being healthy and or losing weight? Then maybe you should find a business that has those products. I can give you some examples of some companies but i don`t want to put any ideas into your head. There are tons of health and wellness companies out there. It`s really gotten competitive in the arena. But again, what are you passionate about? Secondly, what type of business method will you be comfortable with?

For example, Do you like doing your business belly to belly? Doing home parties? Inviting people to large “opportunity” meetings in the conference room of hotels? Door to door sales? Or hitting up all your friends and relatives? Some people like that approach and that`s OK but not me. I like being on my computer marketing on the internet. With belly to belly you have that personal aspect of looking someone right in the eye. Maybe building a little bit of a relationship first, which could be beneficial. But your numbers will be down. Not as many people to present your opportunity to. But on the internet you can contact as many people as you want. Many presentations to interested people. But no trust built from a little bit of a relationship. That`s OK, I`m a introvert. I don`t want to go belly to belly.

But if you find a opportunity that is mainly done on line, what kinds of tools do they provide? Do they just throw a web site at you with a few banners and say go for it? Or do they provide a lot of training to show you how to actually do internet marketing. Finding good leads. Leads that produce sales or a co-marketer. Take your time to find out.

A third consideration is the cost. The best approach is to have at least a little bit of a budget to cover costs and do a business the right way. Many businesses with many compensation plans and business plans. If you just start at the lowest starting point with the smallest price just expect to take a long time to make a wage you can live off of. Your business will grow faster with the more money you have to invest. That`s just the way it is. Don`t expect to get rich over night. Even a traditional “brick and mortar” type of businesses don’t often make a profit their first year. It takes time.

One last consideration is, up line support and does the business have a track record and some good longevity? When you first start out you need a sponsor/ up line / en-roller who will show you how to do the business. Someone for you to go to when you have questions. Also, Is the business a proven business or is it just a fly by night “opportunity” that may not be around in 6 months. Do some research. Don`t jump at the first email you look at. Give it careful consideration. I`ve had many of en rollers who said that they would be there for me but jumped ship at the next flavor of the month that sounded good. I also have plenty of business URL`s from past opportunities that don`t work any more. No longevity. No support.