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These suggestions might sound way out for someone struggling to survive in a bad economic situation. But it is the way I dealt with it when unemployment and the need to care for three young children drove me. Everyone has talents and can offer themselves if they know how and this is the crux of a good business. What are you good at and how to present yourself. Above all build up your ego and self-esteem.

In my case my early life was full of opportunities and it is sill something that amazes most people. Marriage, however, brought changes for which I was unprepared. Going from complete independence my then husband decided to not support me and when my first was due I was left with the idea of opening a baby shop.

It was OK but quite a drag after the second child came along. My mother who had supported me there and spent long hours behind the counter passed away and things went from bad to worse. Eventually we moved into our own home well away from where I grew up and into an area completely foreign to me. Travelling back and forth to the shop took hours and selling it was the only alternative.

Being at home was horrible as my whole body rejected not being involved in something. The money was also very tight as I still struggled with the meagre income of my partner. He had a drawing board for designing houses and one day I decided I could also use it for designing purposes.

All my life there was a love of gardening and drawing in my persona. Recently taking up art I also found teaching it in the front yard was a good possibility. It did not, however, bring in much money and this caused some friction to emerge in the marriage.

One day I decided to put an ad in the local paper and presented myself as a landscape designed. This was something never attempted by me before and nervously I approached my first appointment. It was for a garden in one of the richest areas around us and the lady loved my ideas and paid me $400 for my first ever design.

After that things snowballed. I bought magazines and books on designs and many engaged me then to carry out the work involved. This allowed me to hire staff and then to undertake garden maintenance. Meanwhile I also opened a shop to sell products to support my designing business.

It is my belief that anyone can do things like this if they are inventive enough and willing to have a go. Whatever one is even slightly good at the chances are you can start a home based business and who knows where it might lead you.

While my business expanded to a staff of 20 or more it was still mostly conducted from the home where the children grew up under my supervision. It provided enough income to have a nanny for them when they were young, to put them into private schools, and to have home help for the housework. No woman should say they can’t do this when we have so many tools available to help us.

Norma Holt has knowledge that enables her to understand many issues. Political, social and behavioural problems are usually on her list for discussion and the depth of her research will amaze.