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Oprah advertises on television. She makes sure that viewers know what channel to watch her show. Are you letting your customers and clients know how to get in touch with you? Advertising/marketing must be done regardless of your budget. Below are my tips for advertising/marketing your business.


Article writing
Social Networking
Word of mouth advertising
Speaking Engagements, (you may be paid as a speaker and actually make money)
Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce Member to Member Flyers
Internet Radio interviews
Host your own radio show
Free Business Listings on various websites
New Jacksonville-Onslow County Chamber of Commerce members get a free 8-minute interview on The Talk Station or five free advertising spots.
Host a free teleseminar
Start a newsletter using a 60-day free trial and use Merchant Circle newsletter option

Small Fee – under $100

Networking Events
Classified Ads
Advertising space in Association or Group newsletters
DIY Brochures
DIY Business cards
DIY Rack cards
(DIY projects can end up costing more money than you anticipate due to errors you make or time you are not working with clients while you are busy designing your items)
Promotional materials such as pens, pencils, postcards, magnets, coffee mugs etc.
Guerilla Marketing
Print flyers and hand them out
Pay for someone to write your articles
Pay for someone to manage your social networking

Medium Fee – $101 – $500

Newspaper advertising
The Talk Station radio advertising
Brochures designed by a professional
Business cards designed by a professional
Rack cards designed by a professional
Window graphics
Movie theatre advertising dependent upon location
Promotional materials such as pens, pencils, postcards, magnets, coffee mugs etc.
Expo fees
Coffee News
Membership fee to join various Associations
Networking registration or meal fees
Money Mailer
Banner Advertising
Pay Per Click Advertising

High Fee – $500 or higher

Advertising in National Magazines
Car wrap
Professional Website design
Movie theater advertising dependent upon location
Expo fees
Television advertising
Banner Advertising
Pay Per Click Advertising
Direct mail
Radio Advertising

As you can see, there are many free or low cost ways to market or advertise your business. The lists above are just a few suggestions. Do you have a marketing plan? I want you to take out a calendar and design a 90-day plan. Write down what or how you are going to do to advertise/market your business.

I also want you to take a hard look at your finances. Be honest and realistic. How are you going to spend your money? Design a plan incorporating the suggestions above based upon your budget. Do not be embarrassed if your 90-day calendar is filled with free or low cost ways to advertise or market your business. Only you know your budget. It is better to do something than to do nothing.

Remember, it is your responsibility to let customers and clients know you are still in business. It is not their job to track you down to see if you are still in business.